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If you are a blogger or an Internet columnist you can request a Single Developer License, if you write an article about us.

In order to be eligible for a free license, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Original content: The content of the article must be original and written as a review.
  • 500 words: The article should contain at least 500 words, with a link to and a screenshot.
  • Industry related blog: The website/blog needs to be industry related with ILProtector (software development, .NET, C#, protection or obfuscation) and have a reasonable number of visitors.
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About     ILProtector


ILProtector is a protector for .NET applications. ILProtector is designed to protect intellectual property of the software.

ILProtector protects your .NET code against reverse engineering, decompiling and modifying. ILProtector transforms Intermediate Language (MSIL) code into a specific form that is not recognized by disassemblers and decompilers such as IL DASM.NET ReflectorILSpy, dotPeek etc.

ILProtector 免费赠开发者授权了-Meiam's Home

Main Features

- Software code protection
- String encryption
- Integrity checking
- High performance
- Full reflection support for protected assemblies
- Supports .NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/4.6
- Supports Windows x32/x64 desktop applications
- Command-Line support
- Does not use undocumented features

ILProtector is protected by itself!

Project Properties

Protection tab:

ILProtector 免费赠开发者授权了-Meiam's Home

Assemblies tab:

ILProtector 免费赠开发者授权了-Meiam's Home


Command-Line mode

ILProtector supports Command-Line mode.

Parameters and Examples.

ILProtector 免费赠开发者授权了-Meiam's Home


Best practices to protect your assembly

  • Use EnableIntegrity option to protect the assembly from modifications.
  • Use EncryptStrings option to encrypt the assembly user strings, for example such as connection strings, keys etc.


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